Jobs for Those Who Love to Travel, and Work Outdoors

By Rachel Puryear

If you dream of a life on the road and spent outdoors, but also need a good way to make a living, you will need a way to earn money outdoors, while you travel.

Many frequent travelers seek remote positions. That’s great, but not everyone wants to do office work. Some people prefer a job where they’re outside, more physically mobile, or working with their hands (and not on a keyboard).

Fortunately, such jobs exist for those who prefer to work outdoors, and who like to travel around. Whether you’re looking for a full time job or a way to make a little extra cash here and there, there are plenty of choices. Some of them involve a lot of local travel, some of them are based in parks, some of them will or can involve longer distance travel.

Here are some possibilities for folks looking to earn while traveling, and spending time outdoors:

Person working outdoors in a garden.

Park Ranger

If you’ve ever been to a park, you have probably met a park ranger – and gotten some helpful guidance from them.

These folks help you enjoy your parks responsibly, and look after the well-being of the parks, and the safety of the visitors. Their duties will vary from park to park – but generally, they are responsible for assisting visitors and giving guidance on visiting, guiding tours, protecting wildlife in the park, and enforcing laws and park rules.

If you’re interested in a career as a park ranger, see here for more information, including salary ranges, education and training, and other requirements.

A park ranger in uniform looks through binoculars and monitoring the forest area.

Cruise Ships and Yacht Crews

Cruise ships sail all over the world, to many awesome destinations. They need a lot of humanpower to literally and figuratively stay afloat, too. Working on one offers an opportunity to travel around while working, and getting paid.

Ship staffs include those working in the crew, food prep and service, spas and fitness centers, shops, tour guides, entertainment, administration, housekeeping, maintenance, and more.

Private yachts also need such workers, as well.

As is common in the service industry, many positions don’t have great base pay, but tips can greatly increase earnings.

Cruise ship sailing through Saint Lucia, Caribbean Islands.

Dog Walking, Pet Care

If you love dogs and animals in general, and are experienced with pet care, walking other people’s dogs can get you outdoors, and it’s highly rewarding to take care of animals.

People might need care for their cats, and other pets as well, while they’re on vacation. While dogs are usually the best suited for walks in the park or elsewhere outdoors, cats and other animals might enjoy playing outside, too (perhaps in enclosed areas).

Group of dog walkers walking dogs.


If you have green thumbs and enjoy working on gardens, there are ways to make money utilizing those skills, and seeing new places.

Parks and other tourist destination sites need people to maintain forests as well as private grounds.

You could also be a garden sitter – that is, tending to people’s gardens and grounds while they’re away. Or, a house sitter in general, emphasizing your gardening skills – this will help you stand out for traveling homeowners who love their gardens.

Another good thing about this type of work, is that it’s an option for people who don’t have a college degree/don’t want to have to get one. You can also learn a lot of skills inexpensively and quickly – a great place to start it YouTube how-to videos.

Group of people gather to plant vegetables in community garden.


People traveling camping vehicles like RV’s and vans, or who camp in tents under the stars, need a place to stay when they’re traveling, and visiting outdoor destinations. Campgrounds can provide such a place to stay, with campsites as well as restroom/hookups and other facilities.

Campgrounds need staff members to welcome campers, collect fees, maintain the grounds, assist campers where needed, and enforce campground rules.

Campgrounds with colorful trees, and canoes near a lake.


If you’re artistic and have a good set of eyes for pictures, you might be able to sell nature photos for a profit. There are websites such as Foap, or Unsplash where you can get royalties when someone buys your photos, or you can sell your photos from your own blog or website if you have one, or you can contract to sell photos to various publications.

Photographer sightseeing in Cusco and taking pictures.

Tour Guide

If you’re energetic and outgoing, and know the ins and outs of a particular area, and love showing people around, you could become a tour guide for outdoor tours. Tours are always popular for visitors, and this will keep you busy in a highly-visited destination area.

The pay can vary for this, including based upon location. However, this is another one where tips could greatly add to your base pay.

Travel guide talking to a group of tourists.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers do very important work planning ways to address recycling and waste management, public health, and air and water pollution. They determine the impact of construction on surrounding wildlife, and the natural environment.

These jobs typically involve a lot of travel, and parks and forests also hire people for these jobs.

College education will be required, at least to a Bachelor’s degree level. However, the pay is also good, and this is a growing field.

Farmer cultivating on farmland.

Marine Biologist

If you love the water as well as the outdoors, this great career option is about protecting water, and the wildlife within and around it. You might be studying marine life, educating people, consulting, and more.

This job requires college education, and competition for jobs is high – the pay ranges, but can be good.

Marine biologist studies the coral reef underwater.

Blogger, Vlogger

Nowadays, this is everyone’s dream job. It can take a while to get started, and results drastically vary – some never make money at it or only a little, others make an okay living at it, a few make big bucks at it.

Bloggers and vloggers write and make videos, respectively; about a topic or a few of choice, and usually money they make comes from either affiliate marketing or advertising, or maybe donations. With large numbers of media vying for everyone’s attention, competition is pretty fierce.

The key to financial success doing this is building a large enough – and engaged – audience to market to, and selling products and services that the audience is willing to purchase.

If you can swing this career; it’s fun and usually not stressful, you don’t have to work terribly hard at it (though you do need to be consistent and produce good quality work), and you can do it any time, and from anywhere.

Happy woman travelling with kayak and vlogging.

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