Five Ways to Earn Passive Cash Online Promoting Services

By Rachel Puryear

You may have heard of affiliate marketing as a great way to independently make money online through your blog or website. In fact, I discussed affiliate marketing in detail in a previous post, and demonstrated an example of how one might market underwear shorts in a blog post.

However, the affiliate marketing universe is even larger than just goods – one can also market many services, too, by way of affiliate marketing.

If your blog or website it better geared towards marketing something other than goods, and you’re looking for more ways to monetize it, I will show you just a few other avenues to doing so – to help get you thinking of what might work for you.

Note: Depending on applicable regulations, you might need a license to market certain kinds of services, or share a fee (legal services and real estate are examples of this). However, for the following examples, you won’t need a license.

Here are five services you can make money promoting online, by way of affiliate marketing:

View of Earth above from space. By NASA.


If you follow this blog, chances are, you love/want to travel. Well, guess what – you could make money online helping others travel, too, to help fund your own.

See here for a great list of companies you can join as an affiliate to earn income marketing travel services.

Online Courses

Unless you’re either retired or independently wealthy, you will need flexible, remote-friendly work or employment in order to travel anywhere you want, at will. Travel and earning income remotely walk hand in hand, which is why this blog covers both subjects. Taking online courses is a great way to help one prepare for a new online career.

Check out Thinkific, a great place to become an affiliate and market online courses.

Dating Websites

We all need a little romance in our lives. Nowadays, not only are dating websites very popular, but there is also an endless array of niches and specialty dating sites. I believe that there is truly someone for everyone, and if your blog or website is geared towards relationships and helping people find love, you can also make affiliate income that way!

Check out a diverse array of dating sites with great affiliate programs here.

Sports and Fitness

Physical activity, to the extent you are able, is great for so many of the things that ail you. Health and fitness, generally, is a strong industry for affiliate marketing, too. If your blog or website focuses on this subject, you have plenty of affiliate marketing options.

See here for several great examples of sports services-related affiliate programs.

Freelance Services

These days, you can turn all kinds of skills and even hobbies into paid gigs, and find customers and clients online – including through platform websites which bring freelancers, and those looking to hire them, together.

But if you don’t have a skill you’re ready to market yet, or you don’t want the hassle of dealing directly with consumers and providing the actual services, then you can still make money by way of affiliate marketing, and directing your own blog and website traffic to freelance services platforms.

Check out Fiver’s affiliate program for marketing freelance services.

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Thank you, dear readers, for reading, following, and sharing. Here’s to more ways to make great money helping others make money, online.

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