Remote Jobs You Can Do Without Experience

By Rachel Puryear

One frustrating thing about starting a new career path is the following dilemma: it’s hard to get a job without experience, and it’s hard to get experience without a job.

Even if you do have experience, what you’ve been doing might not be compatible with road life. So if you want to shift your career to enable travel, you might need to build a new skill set.

Have no fear, because there are ways you can make some money online in the meantime with no prior experience, while you’re working on developing a longer term remote career.

You probably won’t get rich doing this kind of work, and it isn’t glamorous – but it can pay bills and essentials while you’re living on the road, and being reasonably frugal.

If you’re looking for ideas for that longer term career, also check out Fast-Growing Remote Occupations That Don’t Require a Degree.

Yellow 70s style Volkswagen van driving down a desert road. By Dino Reichmuth.

Administrative Services

There are plenty of administrative positions out there, and these are going increasingly online.

Such work includes being a virtual assistant, secretary, or doing data entry. Once you build experience doing administrative work, you can move up in a career from there.

Young man on the phone, smiling, while working at a computer.

Customer Service

Attention patient, even-tempered, extraverted people who love to help!

If you enjoy helping people solve problems, and you’re skilled in dealing with people in their more difficult moments, you could excel in this role.

There are always plenty of customer service jobs available, and these are increasingly going remote. Brush up on your conflict de-escalation skills, and go for it.

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Forget the sleazy, pushy stereotype about salespeople.

The best ones are customer-focused, and succeed by knowing their customer, and helping them find what they need and want. They serve, they don’t push.

If that’s the kind of salesperson you can be, you can stand out from the crowd, big-time.

Close-up of two hands shaking. By Cytonn Photography.

Nowadays, online sales can include affiliate marketing – that’s where you have a blog or other website of your own, and you link to products you’re promoting for a commission.

There’s also dropshipping, where you have your own online store, and a third party handles shipping the products to your customers – and may even handle the manufacturing and storage.

Debt Collection

Bill collectors attempt to collect outstanding debts from people. This type of work is tough, and it doesn’t have the greatest reputation.

No one likes hearing from a bill collector, and you would mostly deal with people when they’re down and out. Many people have dealt with abusive bill collectors who used intimidation and outright lies to collect, hence the dim industry reputation.

However, laws protecting debtors during the debt collection process have gotten stricter in recent decades, and a higher standard of professionalism and conduct is now expected in such roles.

If you are good at having difficult conversations with people, able to hear different sides to disputes while also being a problem-solver, and you also have a good mind for applying rules and regulations, this is a position you could excel in.

Familiarize yourself with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to get ready for this type of job.

A stack of bills with a “past due” stamp on the top.

Furthermore, this type of work could segue into further career growth. With what you’d learn doing this, you could apply that to moving up in legal or financial fields later on.

Online Small-Task Worker

There are lots of simple tasks you can do online to make some money.

A checklist with blue checkmarks in the boxes, and pen laying nearby.

These include website testing, surveys, proofreading, mystery shopping, and a variety of other small tasks. A great many of these can be done with little to no work experience.

Thank you, dear readers, for reading, following, and sharing. Here’s to great remote careers, and the freer life they can offer.

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