Fast-Growing Remote Occupations That Don’t Require a Degree

By Rachel Puryear

Want to switch to a remote career, but worried that there’s nothing you’d be qualified for without first spending a lot of time and money? Do you wonder whether you’ve got a shot at remote work, without certain kinds of college degrees?

Have no fear – here are some of the fastest-growing remote work occupations for 2022 that can be lucrative, but don’t require a degree! If you’re new to these fields, you can prepare for some positions with minimal time and money.

Young woman sitting on white couch while reading a tablet, and an orange cat coming up beside her. By Helena Lopes.

So, here are some careers you could be doing while wearing slippers at home, sitting on the porch of a wooded cabin, or after a sunrise hike through one of your favorite parks:

  • Finance: Do you like helping people buy homes, by helping them get mortgages? Or finance other big purchases? If you’re good with rules and numbers, you could do well as a loan processor. The loan officer will tend to handle the client contact while you crunch the numbers, so it’s great for an introverted personality, as well. If you like the client contact, though, you could be a loan officer – and this position is also quickly going remote.
  • Web developer: Are you a computer geek? One who’s adept at HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and maybe other programming languages? Many tech companies are begging for more good web developers, and there are positions which don’t require a degree. These are increasingly going remote, as well.
  • Sales: Are you someone whose phone blows up all the time because everyone knows you, and you get invited to all the cool parties? Got a knack for persuasion, an outgoing and charismatic personality, and a willingness to help people find what they need? You could enjoy and succeed in a remote sales role, and earn based upon commissions.
  • Customer service: Are you patient and skilled at dealing with upset and even difficult people? If so, much respect to you, because many people including myself are not cut out for this particular line of work. But if you are, there are always customer service jobs available, and they are quickly going increasingly remote.
  • Technology: Are you the kind of person who not only knows your stuff around computers and devices, but can also politely and kindly assist people who are clueless about it? You could excel in a role such as tech support, or as a tech analyst.

Need to learn more to start one of these careers? Find out here how to access Udemy courses online for free, and browse through plentiful career training classes.

Hint: If you’re an aspiring web developer starting from scratch, check out Colt Steele’s Web Developer Bootcamp – it’ll take you from 0 to 60 in getting job-ready.

Thank you, dear readers, for reading, following, and sharing. Here’s to better opportunities at remote careers!

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