How Much Money Will Your Household Get from the Stimulus/Relief Payment? This Calculator Can Show You.

By Rachel Puryear, Attorney at Law

Whether you are working the same, more, or fewer hours now than before shelter-in-place orders started being issued; you are likely wondering how much your household will receive in the upcoming stimulus/relief payments. The new emergency spending bill, signed into law just a couple of days ago, provides for relief payments for most American households.

Hands opening an envelope to reveal a check from the U.S. Treasury.

In short, adults making up to $75,000.00 for an individual/$150,000.00 for a married couple qualify to receive a payment of $1,200.00 for an individual/$2,400.00 for a married couple, respectively. In addition, families will receive $500.00 per child. Individuals and families making more than the aforementioned amounts might receive lesser payments. The Washington Post has created a free online calculator which can be used to calculate how much you or your household qualify to receive. This calculator can be accessed right here:

Also, if you didn’t catch the recent post about accessing benefits if you are out of work due to shelter-in-place orders, you can read about it here.

Stay tuned for further developments and updates about more ways that you and your family can get help and relief during these times. Of course, stay safe out there, and remember to help save lives with proper hygiene and social distancing. Please also do what you are able to in ways big or small to help others who need it, and also ask for help if you need it. We may have to stay further apart from each other right now, but we will still all get through this together.

As always, dear readers, thank you for reading and for following me. I hope you enjoyed this, and learned something valuable.

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