Resources for Elders (and Those Who Care for Them) During Coronavirus

By Rachel Puryear, Attorney at Law

As we are all scrambling to adjust to life under quarantine, the current situation especially raises concerns for elderly persons. Those of us who take care of our elder relatives also likely have questions about how to continue to provide appropriate care at this time.

Older hands holding younger hands.

Common legal problems for elderly people include eviction and loss of housing, loss of important benefits, denial of MediCal/Medicare coverage and other health-related matters, estate planning, and elder abuse prevention. For elderly people in need, various legal aid nonprofits exist to provide these types of services.

In San Francisco, the organization Legal Assistance to the Elderly provides no-cost legal services to people who are elderly and/or disabled. They can assist with matters such as challenging denials and reductions of benefits, tenant matters (eviction, unlawful rent increase, accommodating a disability), getting proper health care, preventing elder abuse, and consumer debt defense. Here is their website:

Bay Area Legal Aid can also provide legal assistance to low-income persons; on matters including tenant issues, and accessing and keeping benefits for health care and other social services. They have offices throughout the Bay Area, and are currently providing remote services. Here is their website:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has general information about how to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Here is also a page with information specific to adults age 65 or older – this information is important for older adults, but also for everyone, as we can all do our part to protect the elderly population:

If you (or someone you know) need help or have questions about your retirement plan, Pension Help America can provide free information and assistance:

As always, if you are in a position to help others who may need it right now, please do so. And if you need help, please ask for it, as there will always be people willing to give it. We will all get through this together. At this time, people are stepping up an volunteering to help their neighbors and communities, and this is great. Let’s keep it up, and recognize one another for these helpful efforts. Stay safe and healthy out there.

As always, dear readers, thank you for reading and for following me. I hope you enjoyed this, and learned something valuable.

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Please note that the above is offered for educational purposes only. The information presented may not take into account every exception, variation, or complication which could apply to someone’s legal matters. Accordingly, nothing in this post or blog is ever intended as, nor should be construed by or relied upon by anyone, as legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney who can give you assistance specific to your needs.


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