Three Remote-Friendly Occupations That Pay Well, and You Can Learn Quickly and Inexpensively

By Rachel Puryear

If you love traveling and exploring the outdoors, you probably want to do it for more than just the few weeks out of the year most in-person jobs will offer you (if you’re lucky enough to even have that).

Therefore, if you’re not already retired or financially independent, you’ll need a way to support yourself as you roam around, in order to travel frequently.

Today, we’ll go over three skill-based types of work that can be done remotely, and that earn a decent living. You don’t necessarily need a degree for any of these, and you can learn the needed skills within months rather than years.

Of course, there are far more possibilities than just these three – but we’ll cover a few at a time:

Van lifer working on a laptop inside a camper van, and staring out at the beach.


If you’re logical, orderly, and good with numbers; bookkeeping might be a good profession for you.

What does a bookkeeper do?

Bookkeepers, in short, manage the finances of a business, and maintain up-to-date financial information for the business.

This can include: Tracking income and expenses, accounts payable (paying bills), accounts receivable (billing others), data entry, payroll for employees and contractors, checking bank account information to maintain accuracy, monthly reports summarizing the business’s financial situation, and preparing annual tax returns (perhaps working with accountants).

Due to the nature of the work, bookkeeping can be done virtually, and many bookkeepers do work entirely or partly remotely these days (especially if they are self-employed). This work can also pay well, especially once you’re more experienced.

Does bookkeeping sound like a good career path for you? If so, check out Accounting for Dummies to learn more. If you’re pretty sure you want to move forward with this career path, check out How to Open Your Own In-Home Bookkeeping Service.

Social Media Manager

Are you good at getting people’s attention, and keeping them engaged? Do you get lots of online followers? Do you have a knack for eye-catching aesthetics? Can you readily pick up the temperature in the room (not talking about the weather), and keep up-to-date with news and what’s going on? Are you good at analyzing data, and overseeing campaigns?

If so, becoming a social media manager might be a great career for you!

Social media managers are key to companies’ social media presence, and maintaining the company’s image with the world, and engagement with the public. They oversee publishing posts and videos, analyze information about what will keep people engaged – and increase their following, and of course visual design and extensive knowledge of the social media platforms.

Social media management can be done remotely, and often pays relatively well – particularly if you’re pretty good at it.

Do you think this could be a good career path for you, and are you interested in learning more about it? Check out One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Media Following in 30 Days, by Brendan Kane.


Are you a little bit of creative, detail-oriented, and an engaging writer, all in one? If so, you could become a copywriter.

What does a copywriter do? Hint: It’s not the same thing as copyrighting.

A copywriter writes and edits content for print, websites, videos, and social media. They might also be called content writers. Your job would be to help sell products, services, or getting people to take actions; by presenting them well, and clearly conveying to consumers what they want to know.

If you’ve ever seen an ad of any kind, a billboard, a cardboard cutout, you’ve seen a copywriter’s work.

A background in journalism or marketing is great for becoming a copywriter, but there’s no particular requirements to get started.

Interested in a possible career shift to copywriting? Check out The Adweek Copywriting Handbook: A Guide to Writing Powerful Advertising and Marketing Copy from One of America’s Top Copywriters, by Joseph Sugarman.

Copywriting can be pretty lucrative if you’re pretty good at it, and it’s remote-friendly.

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