Three Gorgeous, Wooded Parks in Oakland, California

By Rachel Puryear

Most people familiar with the San Francisco Bay Area don’t exactly associate the city of Oakland with having lots of forests and wildlife – in fact, its reputation is pretty heavily urban.

However, this city nonetheless has plenty of awesome, woodsy spots to get away from it all. Here are just three out of a great many:

Joaquin Miller Park

Though it’s just minutes away from all the urban amenities that Oakland has to offer, it feels like a world away – in a good way, of course.

Hike, stroll through, or just sit back and enjoy these densely wooded forests, the beauty of the redwood trees, and the diverse plant life.

Be sure to also check out the lookout point, for an awesome view.

Note: Dogs are allowed on leash throughout the park, and there are also designated off-leash areas for dogs of all sizes.

For more about visiting Joaquin Miller Park, see here.

View of city from hilltop, with sun rising on the horizon.

Misty fog blanketing thick forest.

Sunrays peeking through trees on a wooded dirt trail.

Roberts Regional Recreational Area

Here you can also enjoy dense, shady forests, and awesome views of the Bay Area from up above. There are picnic spots, archery fields, and there’s also a swimming pool – with a wheelchair-accessible pool area and bathhouse including a pool lift, and a nice, wheelchair-accessible playground for the kiddos.

Note: Dogs are allowed in this park, on leash. There is a parking fee of $5 per vehicle, $4 per trailer, and a fee of $2 per dog – with service dogs being free, though. The park is open 8 am to sunset, and subject to closure based upon weather.

For more about visiting Roberts Regional Recreational Area, see here.

Dirt trail descending invitingly into thick, wooded forest.

Hilltop view with colorful, rippling patterns.

View of city horizon from hilltop on a clear day.

Redwood Regional Park

Here you can enjoy little waterfalls and streams, and an abundance of plant life populating this beautiful, forested park. Thanks to the shade and cool humidity found within the forest, you can also check out a decent variety of colorful fungi.

Note: Dogs are allowed on leash in this park. The parking and dog fees here are the same as for Roberts. Canyon Meadow and Skyline Gate staging areas are wheelchair-accessible picnic sites.

For more about visiting Redwood Regional Park, see here.

Cool, refreshing waterfall and stream in a forest.

Cool fungi in a moist forest.

Lots of ladybugs on dead plant material.

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Thank you, dear readers, for reading, following, and sharing. Here’s to great local parks.

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