Taco Bell on Beautiful Pacifica State Beach

By Rachel Puryear

Do you happen to like beaches and tacos? Can you imagine enjoying Taco Bell food, while looking at a stunning State Beach in Pacifica, California?

Well, you can. Pacifica’s State Beach is gorgeous and amazing, and also has a paved walkway above it if you prefer that.

It also has a Taco Bell Cantina perched just atop it, complete with a walk-up ordering window for surfers and beachgoers.

There are Michelin-starred restaurants that don’t have this kind of a view.

Aerial view of Taco Bell on Pacifica State Beach.
Deck with ocean view on a foggy day.

Plus, it gets even better – this beach is a great place to park a van or RV overnight, and enjoy sleeping right next to the ocean!

There’s a parking lot right next to the Taco Bell, which is beach parking. From 8 am to 8 pm you need to pay for parking at the kiosk, but between 8 pm and 8 am, you don’t need to pay.

There are plenty of spaces there to accommodate many vans and RV’s on the small to medium end, and if you’ve got a larger vehicle, there’s a middle aisle where you can just drive over two spaces.

Pacifica State Beach.

So you can pull up for the night, park, and fall asleep and then wake up to the sound of the waves.

Plus, this is a great alternative to camping at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach – the latter of which many would love to do, but it’s illegal to park anything there after 10 pm. And yes, the SF police do enforce it.

Pacifica is a small, laid-back community, and I’ve always felt comfortable here.

Got furry friends with you? Good news, Pacifica State Beach also allows dogs!

Prefer to stay at a campground overnight instead? Pacifica also has plenty of campgrounds.

Need a big towel for the beach that will dry quickly, and is easy to get sand out of? Check out these oversized, colorful microfiber beach towels! Many patterns available.

It’s also a good idea to bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and wet wipes with you to the beach.

See here for more about visiting Pacifica State Beach. Enjoy!

Thank you, dear readers, for reading, following, and sharing. Here’s to awesome beaches.

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