Extraterrestrial Highway, Alien-Themed Town Near Las Vegas

By Rachel Puryear

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

However, if you head a couple hours or so north from Sin City, you’ll find a place that has generated plenty of rumors and whispers over the years.

I’m talking about Area 51, situated along Nevada’s Extraterrestrial Highway – right next to a little hamlet called Rachel, Nevada.

That’s a great name for the little town, by the way. 😉

Extraterrestrial Highway sign covered in stickers, Rachel, Nevada
“Welcome to Rachel, Nevada” street sign on SR-375 in Nevada, aka the Extraterrestrial Highway.

The town features the Little A’Le’Inn, a cute, cheesy-fun alien-themed inn. There’s an adjoining diner, with a bar and an alien and UFO-themed gift shop.

The name is a mish-mash of the words “alien,” “ale,” and “inn”. Cute, huh?

Photo of sign reading, “Self Parking,” with image of a UFO. By Michael Herren.
Photo from the front of the Little A’Le’Inn.

Next door is the notorious Area 51 – a site secured by the U.S. military, and not open to the public. You can drive by it and peer past the gates, though – but there’s not much to see from there.

The town of Rachel is popular for UFO hunters, and aviation enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see any UFOs while I was there – but you can ask locals of Rachel for some very interesting accounts, and decide what you want to believe.

The inn is small but welcoming. Rooms come in two-room units, so bathrooms are shared with the other room in the unit (unless you rent both rooms).

Camping is available, with fire pits and porta potties.

RV parking is also available.

The folks there are friendly, it’s family owned, it’s inexpensive, and – weather permitting – you can get some fantastic night sky views out there. The Nevada desert gets a great dark sky.

Note: Cattle often cross the road in that area, especially around dusk. Please watch out for cattle along the highway.

Thank you, dear readers, for reading, following, and sharing. Here’s to fun and unique places to see.

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