Bringing Your Cats to the Great Outdoors – Catio Ideas (Part 2)

By Rachel Puryear

In a recent post, I discussed preparing your kitties to start going on road trips with you. This post is a continuation of the subject of bringing cats with you while traveling to the great outdoors, and RV camping.

This post will focus on getting your RV/camper set up to be safe for your cats, and making the trip more fun for them with some great RV catio ideas.

Cat lounging in a camp chair while camping with human staff

Catproofing Your RV, and Keeping Kitty Safe

While you’re out camping in an RV, one issue will be preventing your kitties from bolting out the door every time you enter and exit. Before you ever drive anywhere in the RV, it’s a good idea to first spend some time with your kitties in the stationary RV, to let them get acclimated to it. That way, they are comfortable in it before you take off, which will reduce – though not eliminate – their natural tendencies to run out of doors. Also, bring some things of theirs from home, and make them feel safer in more familiar surroundings. Use treats generously to give them quick and positive associations with the RV, and don’t forget to also take plenty of treats on the road – they’re very handy for kitty wrangling!

Before you go, check the RV carefully to ensure that there aren’t any escape routes in there that your kitty could possibly fit into. You don’t want to leave anything they could climb out through. Also, while you’re on your RV adventure, make sure the windows stay shut unless there is a secure screen covering it.

Ideas for Catios

Here’s a great video demonstration from Youtube, where a fellow RV-traveling-with-kitties family demonstrates how they attach a folding and unfolding cat enclosure to give their cats a safe place to enjoy and rest outdoors while they are parked. The setup is easy to put up, and then to take down again when it’s time to move.

Here’s another video demonstrating an RV catio, this one with a mesh tent and a tunnel leading down from the RV window, and the tent sits on the ground. This is also simple to put up, and allows your kitties to move between the RV and the tent while remaining secured.

Here’s also a DIY catio idea, if that’s how you prefer to do things. This idea could be applied to building one for an RV, or for a fixed house.

Here’s also an idea for a pre-made catio that you could rig up to attach to an RV window – some reviewers have done so, and show pictures of how they did it. Here’s an example of such:

Catio attached to RV window with cardboard filling in the gaps, and cats enjoying the ramp up.

Thank you, dear readers, for reading, following, and sharing. Here’s to safe road trips with kitties.

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