Sex While Camping – Keeping it Safe, Private, and Hot

By Rachel Puryear

We’re all adults here. So, let’s have an open conversation about intimacy while camping – including staying comfortable, and maintaining your privacy while you’re getting it on it the great outdoors.

Many of us who camp do so with our significant others. Getting away is a great time for intimacy together. Couples often reconnect with each other while away, in ways that are more difficult when they are each juggling their respective obligations back at home. Accordingly, traveling lends itself to some particularly satisfying lovemaking.

Of course, the nature of camping can make things feel a bit awkward, and put a damper of self-consciousness on this prime opportunity. Therefore, here are some tips to help you relax, enjoy, and get it on comfortably and privately while you’re camping together.

A man and woman cuddling closely on a bed, smiling. By Becca Tapert.

Have Fun, But Also Be Considerate

Even if all are adults in your tent or camper, that doesn’t mean there aren’t families with kids nearby you who might not want to explain amorous sounds to their young ones. Furthermore, even if you might enjoy other campers’ exhibitionism, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will enjoy yours. It’s no fun getting hassled by neighbors or security, either.

By all means, do have a great time and enjoy one another. Just be mindful, however, that doing it in a tent is not quite the same thing as doing it in a house. At the same time, the outdoors is, for many, one of the hottest places to get down – so read on for tips on doing so safely and smartly while you’re out in the woods.

Keeping the Sounds Inside

While camping, especially if you are in a tent and others might be camping in close proximity, you will need to be more mindful of your volume out here than at home. The sound carries easily through thin tent walls. If you tend to make noise, having some extra pillows and thick blankets on hand can give you some literal and figurative cover to blunt the volume. (It’s a good idea to always have extra bedding, anyway.) If you’re in a camping vehicle, you might be able to get away with a little more sound – if you’ve got a plug for a sound machine, turning on the white noise can help.

Keeping Fog at Bay, While Also Keeping Others From Seeing You

Whether you’re in a tent or a vehicle, things will start to get a little steamy in there, both literally and figuratively. You’ll therefore want some ventilation – but you also want visual privacy. Therefore, for a tent, you can unzip the upper part of the tent window just a bit – to let some fresh air in to circulate, but also making it difficult for anyone to peep. For a vehicle, opening a window but drawing a curtain can do the trick.

Be Careful About Lighting

If you can get by without lighting, that will give you the most visual privacy. If you must have lighting, keep it low, and under the covers with you – otherwise, people will be able to see your silhouettes through the tent, kind of like this:

Silhouettes of a couple kissing in a tent, near sunset.

Using a Comfortable Surface

You are probably already bringing some kind of sleeping pad if you’ll be in a tent, and that may very well suffice for other activities in the bed – particularly if it’s foam or rubber, or something of a similar consistency.

Air mattresses, however, are more difficult to have sex on. If you prefer the latter for sleeping on for camping trips (understandable, as side sleepers may need these for depth and give that a thin, firm mat won’t have), you may want to also bring a rollable yoga mat if you have room in your car for one. This can allow for much more comfort and movement during adult play than either an air mattress or a firm ground would.

Protection and Equipment

If you use birth control or barrier protection, don’t forget to add that to your checklist for packing.

For power toys and other equipment, battery-powered is preferable. You may or may not have a plug or electricity handy, so bringing plug-in equipment could leave you screwed (and not in the right way). Don’t forget extra batteries.

Washing Up

If bathrooms and running water might not be available, wet wipes are great for freshening up before, and cleaning up after.

Leaving no trace is key to camping responsibly – for both the enjoyment of all visiting the wilderness, as well as the wildlife. Please be sure to bring all used wipes, barrier protection, and other waste out with you when you leave – a sealable bag just for this purpose is quite helpful.

Have a great time, and enjoy connecting more deeply out there, on many levels.

Thank you, dear readers, for reading, following, and sharing. Here’s to the deepened connection and greater intimacy that getting outdoors and taking time out brings.

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