Gifts That Will Arrive On Time This Holiday Season

By Rachel Puryear

If you intend to give gifts this holiday season and are concerned about how supply chain delays might affect shipping, here are some great ideas for gifts which are unlikely to be affected by such delays.

Hands holding out a gift wrapped in brown paper, with candy canes all over it.

Support Your Local Businesses

Patronizing small local businesses is always a great way to support your community. At this time, small businesses are likely to have everything in stock, and be motivated to sell them.

For someone who desires more of an experience-based gift, you can give them a gift while supporting small local businesses. Perhaps a spa treatment, movie or theater tickets, a meal at a local restaurant, or an outdoor tour would be something your loved one would greatly enjoy from a small local business.

Get Them Something Delicious

Lots of edible items originate from the United States, and are not subject to international shipping delays. Many online companies offer monthly subscription boxes, if you want your gift to last for a while.

Here’s a nice subscription snack box for a vegan friend:

Go Digital

Digital items are available for download from the internet an unlimited number of times, so these won’t be subject to shortages or shipping delays. Books, games, movies, music, artwork, and more are available as great gifts to download.

For many people, however, and especially children; they’re understandably burnt out on more digital experiences. If that’s the case, see below for more tangible suggestions.

Shop Made in the USA

Buying products made in the USA is not only patriotic, it also means avoiding supply and shipping delays that products made overseas might be subject to. Plenty of local businesses as well as online shops are likely to carry all kinds of American-made products – however, here are a few USA-made suggestions from Amazon, if you’re unable to find something locally:

  • Treat a loved one to a relaxing, luxurious bath with awesome USA-made bath bombs for women and men:
  • Help keep a loved one warm on chilly nights, or snuggle up with a sweetie together under a nice, warm, sherpa throw blanket:
  • Who doesn’t love delicious chocolate? For the chocaholics on your list:
  • Know someone who loves camping and outdoor sports? Here’s a handy multi-tool that will help them be prepared, but still travel light:

Art and Handmade Craft Items

Shops like Etsy sell a variety of handmade items, and many sellers are based in the USA. Such businesses can easily adapt to whatever supplies are available. As demand will likely be high for such items, be sure to place your orders sooner, rather than later.

Always the Right Color, Always the Right Size

Do you know someone who lives frugally so that they can pay off debt, save up for a home or vacation, or maybe because they are simply struggling to recover following the pandemic?

Much as traditional-minded folks might prefer to give a gift they bought for someone, their frugal and/or struggling loved ones might find a bit of cash to be an extremely helpful gift – and it may be what they need most at the moment.

For someone who might be strapped, to the extent you can afford to do so; consider giving them the gift that’s always the right color, and always the right size – a bit of cash. There’s no need to worry about shipping delays there, and you can use a variety of electronic payment methods.

Thank you, dear readers, for reading, following, and sharing. Here’s to happy holidays, and getting together with folks you have not seen in a while.

Note: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Nonetheless, we only link to products which we believe, after due diligence; are good quality products, offered at fair prices.

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