A Big Shout Out to the Math Teacher Who Sold Courses Through Pornhub

By Rachel Puryear

Every business owner needs to market their own products and services in order to be successful. The work of marketing is in addition to the work that self-employed folks get paid for. With online products and services, creative marketing is key to standing out amongst the fierce competition.

One math teacher in Taiwan, known as Changsu, got very creative in selling his math classes online. He boosted sales tremendously in an untapped market for his type of services – on Pornhub, a site normally geared towards offering free porn.

Instructor teaching math on a chalkboard in front of class.

Some might be giggling at the notion, but Changsu is laughing all the way to the bank – to the tune of about $250,000.00 he earns per year, from people purchasing his videos after watching them on Pornhub.

Changsu figured that while Pornhub’s platform is quite large, few math videos are available on the site. Therefore, this site offers a large audience, but poses little competition for the products that Changsu sells.

Furthermore, by cutting out an expensive middleman and steering customers directly to his own sales site, Changsu keeps the full amount of each video he sells.

It looks like this sales strategy is working brilliantly well for him.

Perhaps more business owners need to find creative strategies, rather than resigning to the assumption that we must either spend/split a ton of money to get ahead, or likely go unnoticed in a sea of competition for similar products and services.

Now that’s what I call thinking outside the box!

Thank you, dear readers, for reading, following, and sharing. Here’s to creative strategies to set you apart from the rest, and not worrying what shame-mongerers and naysayers have to say about it.

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