In More Workplaces, Bringing Pets is on the Table in Returning to Offices.

By Rachel Puryear

As many office-bound workers return to the office following the vaccination rollout, more employees than before might be able to bring their furry (or perhaps scaly) companions to the office. Many proud human pet-parents grew accustomed to having their pets around daily while they worked at home, and the pets likewise became just as attached to their humans.

According to a survey by Rover, one third of respondents welcomed a new pet into their home since the pandemic began. This is especially true for Millennials. Many of these pet-parents are anxious about returning to in-person work, and leaving their pets at home alone. And a survey by Banfield Pet Hospital found that a staggering half of Gen Z’ers and third of Millennials would consider looking for a new job if their does not offer a pet-friendly workplace following the pandemic (assuming, of course, that they cannot continue to work remotely and stay with their pets while they work).

Two dogs working at a desk on a computer, with both wearing work shirts and ties, and one wearing reading glasses.

The Banfield survey also found that half of C-Suite executives are considering allowing workers to bring pets to the workplace, and 59% said that they would allow more flexibility for workers wanting to stay remote because of pets. Numerous employee requests have prompted employers to become more open to pet-friendly policies for their workers.

Cat sitting on laptop keyboard.

Furthermore, it’s not just workers and pets who will see benefits from more pet-friendly workplaces. Employers and companies will also be better off with a pet-friendly norm.

The Banfield survey found that some employers already had pet-friendly policies in place before the pandemic. Of those forward-thinking companies; 61% said their employees were more willing to come to work, 42% saw increased staff productivity, 41% said employees were more willing to work later, two-thirds saw employees socialize with each other more when pets were around, 31% saw improved employee retention, and 24% said their employees seemed happier in the workplace; following implementation of pet-friendly policies.

Of course, not every job or workplace is suitable for bringing pets to work. But for those that are; considering pet-friendly policies at work (particularly where employees cannot all feasibly work remotely) is shown to be a win-win-win all around for employees, employers, and pets.

Thank you, dear readers, for reading, following, and sharing. Here’s to your thriving and prospering on your terms, so you can do more of what you love with those you love.


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