Anxious About the Eviction Moratorium Ending? Here’s How to Apply for Rental Assistance.

By Rachel Puryear, Consulting Attorney and Real Estate Broker

If you or someone you love has been struggling to pay rent during the Covid shutdown, you are likely dreading the upcoming expiration of California’s eviction moratorium at the end of June 2021. If you need help paying back rent owed, there is emergency rental assistance available. Either a tenant who is behind on rent, or a landlord who is owed back rent may apply for the assistance.

Couple sitting together on their couch and looking anxious.

Click here to find California’s Covid-19 Rent Relief program. Select whether you are a renter or a landlord, and follow the prompts. Note: Tenants who are behind on rent and are not sure whether their landlord knows about the program, should suggest that their landlords apply for the program. Also see here (scroll down a bit to “U.S. States”, click on your state, and then click on your county) for more rent relief programs, including county-specific rent relief programs.

House outline with a hand holding it up from underneath.

Note that the rent relief programs require recipients to meet certain qualifications (as is of course generally the case for any kind of assistance). The qualifications include willingness of landlords to waive part of the rent owed as a condition of accepting the funds. See also the tenant checklist and the landlord checklist in order to determine whether you and/or your landlord qualify for rent assistance.

Thank you, dear readers, for reading, sharing, and following. Here’s to your thriving and prospering, so you can better care for yourself and those you love.


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