If You’ve Never Invested Yet, Here’s an Easy, Low-Cost Place to Start

By Rachel Puryear

Investing money regularly can add up to a lot of financial growth over time. And contrary to popular belief, you do not need to already have a lot of money to start investing. No matter what your financial and life goals are – retiring early, traveling, pursuing passions, starting a business, raising a family, owning a house, philanthropy – there’s nothing some extra money can’t help with. So, no matter who you are or what you do, investing and growing money will benefit you.

Hands putting money into piggy bank.

Vanguard is a unique investment company, in that it is owned by its investors. As such, they offer some of the lowest cost funds available – so that the fruits of your investments don’t get constantly eaten up by fees and commissions. You can find Vanguard’s guide to starting to invest here.

Better yet, if you want to do socially conscious investing, Vanguard has options for that, too! So you can invest in a win-win way, to benefit the world around you as well as yourself.

To get started, many of Vanguard’s funds require a minimum investment of $1,000.00. Saving $100.00 a month will get you there in less than a year, if you’re not ready yet. On the other hand, more investment options become available if you can invest $3,000.00 or more.

A list of top Vanguard investment funds is available here. The Vanguard Total Stock Market Index (VTSAX, and the first one listed) is the largest mutual fund in the world, and is already diversified. So you don’t need expertise or skills to invest and diversify with this platform – and start making the magic of compounding interest work in your favor. Less work tends to be more when it comes to investing in a large and already-diversified fund – so if you can contribute to your account regularly but otherwise sit back and let it grow, that tends to be the most profitable strategy over time.

Now that the economy throughout much of the world is starting to rebound with vaccines helping us all come back from the pandemic, this could be a great time to start investing.

Note: Vanguard not pay me to promote them. This is a sincere recommendation based on my own research of reputable expert opinions and my experience investing with them.

Thank you, dear readers, for reading, following, and sharing. As always, I’m here to help you and your loved ones prosper and thrive. Please reach out to me if you have comments or questions.


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