San Mateo’s Below-Market Housing Waiting List is Open.

By Rachel Puryear, Attorney at Law

If you are interested in living in affordable/below-market rate rental housing in the city of San Mateo, or you know someone else who might be, here’s a great opportunity. The waiting list for below-market rental housing in San Mateo is now open. Here’s the link to apply:

You can fill out an application for the waiting list at the above link. Priority will be given to those who already live OR work in San Mateo, but all eligible applicants will be put on the list. This program serves people whose incomes range from the very low, to the moderate ranges. So people with a variety of income levels who have trouble affording housing in this very expensive rental market, can be considered for some housing assistance. If you are not sure if you qualify, you can apply anyway.

Couple moving into apartment with boxes stacked up, he picks her up and spins her around.

If you are not yet ready to retire, but are getting fairly close and do not own a home, you might want to apply for the waiting list. Applicants can remain on the waiting list for several years before it is their turn for assistance – so getting on the waiting list now could help you get affordable rental housing when you are retired.

Please spread the word around. Maybe your parents, or a relative in a less-than-lucrative career, or a friend with disabilities could really benefit from this program. Even if you do not need affordable housing and/or own your own home, chances are that you know someone who would like to get on the waiting list.

As always, dear readers, be safe and healthy out there. Please help keep everyone safe by observing official recommendations for social distancing, sheltering in place, covering your face in public, and practicing proper hygiene. Please also help others where you can in ways big and small, and ask for help if you need it. We will all get through this together. Thank you for reading, and for following me. I hope you enjoyed this, and learned something valuable.

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