Got Kids? Here’s a Tip to Protect Them, in Case Something Happens to You.

By Rachel Puryear, Attorney at Law

No one likes to think about what would happen to their children, if they and the other parent passed away prematurely. Hopefully, it will not happen to you. Nonetheless, it is much better to have a plan in place that you never end up needing, than to need such a plan someday but not have it.

If you have kids but do not have a will, consider making a will for the purpose of nominating guardians for your children. A will is not just for leaving property – you can use one to tell a *probate judge which person you would prefer to take care of your kids, in the unfortunate event they ever lost both parents.

*Probate is the court division which oversees the administration of deceased people’s estates. This includes appointing guardians for minor children, and distributing property to heirs.

A small child’s hand wrapped around the finger of an adult’s hand.

Hopefully, you and your family will live long, healthy lives and you will see your children grow up and start their own families and careers. However, having a backup plan in place – just in case – could save your family a lot of stress and expense in an already-difficult time. Consider making a will to nominate guardians for your minor children, even if nothing else.

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