Welcome to Free Range Law!

Hello, and welcome to Free Range Law! It’s great to have you here.

What does “Free Range Law” mean, anyway? Let’s break it down a little:

–  “Free range” means having the freedom to roam around, as opposed to being limited to a small space – such as livestock freely roaming farmland, instead of remaining confined in cages.

Cows roaming the hillside.
Image by Dan Burton. Cows roaming the hillside.

–  Applied to humans who work for a living; free range working means having the freedom to work from a location of one’s choice, instead of remaining confined in a cubicle.

Man looking stressed in a cubicle.
Man looking stressed in a cubicle.

In order to maximize autonomy over one’s life, free range working should also include flexibility over working hours wherever possible.

Note:  (Free range working is also known as “location independence”, “digital nomadism”, “telecommuting”, “work-from-anywhere”, “remote work”, “flexwork”, and “results-only work environments”.)

–  The legal profession includes not only attorneys; but also paralegals, judges, legal educators, clerks, mediators, and more.

–  Therefore, Free Range Law is about working in the legal profession on a free range basis. Working free range can enable the legal professional to enjoy the many benefits of a flexible location; including:

* More freedom to pursue interests outside of work, such as travel.

* More freedom to spend time with family and loved ones.

* More freedom to take better care of one’s health.

* More freedom to manage life’s errands.

* More freedom from a dreary office environment.

I started this blog after I decided to pursue my own dream of going free range in order to travel. For years, I have wondered whether life on the road could be possible while still working in law, as I spent precious time on this Earth in the same office day after day.

Free range working is not common in the legal profession yet, and in some places it is virtually unheard of (pun intended!). Law firm cultures tend to strongly resist changes in how employees work, and to be exceedingly slow to accept new ways.

However, I believe that people deserve better than remaining trapped at a desk for long hours each day. People deserve a chance at the life of freedom and flexibility that they secretly imagine, whether their managers are ready to loosen the reins or not.

Woman gazing out at ocean with arms open.
Image by Nathan Dumlao. Woman gazing out at ocean with arms open.

So, I decided to take a chance on forming a completely remote legal writing business of my own, in order to gradually enable a free range life. At this time, I am in the process of writing books to help laypersons learn about the law without having to go through the expense of law school – the first book will be coming soon! In the meantime, I will share my journey with you via this blog, and I hope to inspire others who want to travel the free range route, too.

Thank you for following my story.


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